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Our Environmental Footprint

Environmental responsibility begins with sustainable development practices, which help reduce energy usage, water consumption, waste, and associated costs. A number of factors influence site selection, ranging from distance to public transportation, adjacency to residential areas, and proximity to, or opportunities for, amenities like bike paths, playground areas, walking paths and green space inclusion.

We believe demonstrating responsible environmental practices when opening, expanding, or renovating a center can have a positive impact on the bottom line that will yield benefits for our planet for years to come. Tanger has consistently demonstrated being sensitive to the environment, and continues to take significant steps to reduce or minimize energy costs to offset its environmental footprint.

environmental footprint goals environmental footprint goals


To guide our efforts, we've established the following goals and objectives.


water usage

Reduce portfolio water usage by 20% by 2022 (including full transition to cloud-based controlling and monitoring system)

waste diversion

Achieve 60% waste diversion by 2022

* for stabilized properties - those in operation for the full years of comparison


greenhouse gas

Improve Greenhouse Gas efficiency by 8% by 2020

energy efficiency

Improve Portfolio-wide energy efficiency by 8% by 2020, with full LED transition by 2022


Achieve 6.8 kWh of annual production from solar systems in at least 5 centers by 2020

ev charging

Installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging at all centers by 2020 and double baseline kWh by 2020

Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Through careful monitoring and analysis of energy consumption at each property, Tanger Outlets is able to realize increased energy efficiency and lower energy costs. Because electricity use represents nearly 85% of our emissions footprint annually, energy efficiency is an important focus area for Tanger.

Continued improvement in tracking data and monitoring trends is key to improving efficiency and decreasing the impact of our environmental footprint.

greenhouse gas emissions

3.62% Greenhous e gas (GHG) emissions decreased from 2016 when comparing properties in operation for the full year.

3.87% Electrical usage decreased in 2017.


Since 2015, all new centers are equipped with LED lighting, which primarily involves exterior lighting. Due to Tanger's thoughtful capital planning process using a three-to-five-year planning horizon, we are able to balance the needs of existing centers for upgrades like LED retrofits and roof replacements. LED retrofits are anticipated to be completed by 2022.

These retrofits are a great help in reducing Co2 emissions. The electric design and LED usage at the Columbus, OH center resulted in saving more than one million kWh of electricity or 831 tons of Co2. This equates to taking 178 cars off the road per year or planting 21,541 trees.

LED Lighting

Saving more than 1 MILLION KWH of electricity or 831 tons of Co2 = 178 cars off the road per year or planting 21,541 trees


Our properties in Riverhead, NY (2 centers), Deer Park, NY, and Atlantic City, NJ currently have solar solutions. In 2017, we added solar generation for the three centers in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Portfolio solar production has increased more than five-fold, from 1,240,344 kWh in 2016 to 6,421,740 kWh in 2017, offloading traditional source electric usage.

These innovative moves position Tanger as an industry leader in solar conversions and usage, and are excellent examples of our commitment to energy efficiency and reducing our environmental footprint.

EV charging stations EV charging stations


Tanger is an industry leader in the use of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Thirty-five of our 39 centers have EV charging stations, which are no cost for our customers. With 80 total units, each capable of supporting 160 or more vehicles, customer usage averages more than 2,590 charges per month.



Tanger Outlets' 2017 water usage decreased by 0.2% from 2016, when comparing properties in operation for the full year. We decreased water usage by piloting irrigation control systems, and plan to expand the pilot in 2018. Based on results from the initial pilot, we are projecting a 20% reduction in water usage in exterior spaces at the pilot sites.


Tanger Outlets has been a leader in waste diversion, increasing waste diversion of the 21 million tons of waste generated being recycled by 2.31%, from 58.4% in 2016 to 60.7% in 2017. The 12.5 million tons of cardboard used for shipping from our sites is the largest category of waste, and recycling efforts have accelerated over the past few years. Our Riverhead, NY property had been a leader in this area, recycling 74.8% of waste.

water usage chart

Based on waste data at 41 U.S. properties

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