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What We
Stand For is You

At Tanger, we strive to make your experience safe & enjoyable.

We proudly invest in our communities & aim to create a world
that’s inclusive & better for all.

Creating a Better Tomorrow

On Earth Day, and every day, Tanger Outlets commits to implementing practices that preserve and protect the Earth. From sustainability accomplishments to volunteering within its communitites, Tanger is proud to have a role in creating a better and more green tomorrow.

bee bee bee

The Bee Amazing
Workshop at Tanger

We hope you’ll enjoy this Kid-friendly, Educational Workshop where our beekeepers share what goes on inside a hive and the importance of bees to the environment. Our Rooftop Urban Beekeeping Program aids in the pollination of 120 million to 200 million flowers, shrubs and trees in our local communities.


people Our People

We create a workplace where all people can thrive and foster long-term, trusting relationships with our team members.

We build our business on trust and collaboration, where relationships matter. We strive to create an atmosphere where all people are valued for their contributions and are actively engaged in achieving our shared successes.

Incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) into our operating practices is fundamental to our strategy at Tanger. We provide educational and training opportunities, including unconscious and implicit bias training to senior leaders and other employees in support of continuing to make our diversity a strength in terms of people, education, and leadership and action.

people Our Community

We contribute to strong, vibrant communities and facilitate quality of life in our communities through service and partnerships with nonprofits and other community partners, contributing nearly $22 million in charitable giving since 1994.

Education is vital to our families, our communities and our shared future, yet we recognize that underserved children too often don’t have the basics needed to be successful in school. Through our TangerKIDS Grant Program, we have awarded more than $3.1 million dollars to teachers, educators and organizations to fund projects and programs created to provide a more productive and inclusive classroom environment for students. In 2021, Tanger awarded $150,000 in grants across the United States, funding programs like

  • Hershey, PA- Adapted Swing, funding a wheel-chair accessible swing for the playground
  • Branson, MO- Backpack Club Program, backpacks filled with nonperishable food items given to students in need
  • Columbus, OH- Innovation and Discovery Center, purchasing a podcaster studio for digital storytelling with students

Breast cancer research saves lives and improves care, which is why we proudly partner at the national level with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). Since the launch of our Tanger Pink Program more than 25 years ago, we, with the support of our customers, have raised more than $18.5 million dollars. In 2021, we raised and donated more than $421,000 to organizations in the communities that we serve, like Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition in Deer Park, NY, Piedmont Athens Regional Breast Health Center in Athens, GA and Hair Peace Charities in Pittsburgh, PA.

people Our Planet

We mind our environmental impact through the use of practices that enhance and differentiate our properties while considering the sustainability of our business and our planet.

We work to mitigate our impact so that natural resources and a healthy planet are available for future generations. This is important for sustainable development and for our business as attention to the environment supports both risk management and expense control.

In 2021, we demonstrated our commitment to renewable energy by producing nearly 6.2 million kWh of solar energy and powering more than 60,000 electric vehicle charging sessions.

Ensuring that our centers maintain environmentally friendly practices is part of our commitment to the planet and the communities in which they are located. We’ve recently completed the transition to LED lighting at 100% of the centers we manage, one year ahead of our goal.

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